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    so this is my new idea for an arena.
    games we've (komrk888, talon256) thought of
    1. JOUST! two players start on the bottom. they run towards each other. (yes in a pvp arena) the point is to try to knock a person off. if you win you go to the next level of the match arena! there is several of these arenas next to eachother so the stairs connect. the two last remaining battlers will reach the top and duke it out JOUST style hehe! NO WALKING BACK!
    2. BATTLE RACE> two players start on bottom. the point is to reach the top with out dying and safely. the players crisscross their way up trying to survive each battle encounter. the first person to reach top wins! NO WALKING BACK AGAIN!
    3. PARKOUR RUN (we break tiles and make it bigger. single player race up with blocks broken
    4. SPEED TRIAL normal time trial single player
    we would also just have one long one for parkour races ... 33050.png/
    [url][/url] [​IMG]