Stealing in Athens

Discussion in 'Complaints Archive' started by smartdog, Aug 4, 2011.

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    The rule in Athens is that you are permitted to kill, but you may not pick up the victims belongings. I have been stolen from three times in Athens today. I know for a fact that HDvortex stole my belongings in the church. I am missing some of my belongings after Synwannabe and kuke killed me, so I suspect that either one of them may have my stuff. They could just as well not have them. All I know is that I was killed and stolen from in a PvP city whose rules state that stealing is not permitted. Although Ike has recently stated that Stealing is now permitted, I object because he has not changed the rule board. "3. No stealing" (I have a screenshot but I do not know how to attach it) I do not agree that he can bend the rules that he has in fine print just because he is the mayor. (I do know that since it is his town, it is his rules) I was following the rules stated on the rule board of Athens.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.