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    "Here to help you find the right home!"
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    The purpose of this thread for all Mayors+ to advertise their towns that have homes and plots for sale! No more having to dig through the classifieds to find open towns or Mayors+ selling homes or plots, come see what towns are available and find the town for you! This thread is only for Mayors+ to post their open town plots and premade homes/apartments only! No slander or competitive advertisement is allowed here! Let the consumer decide! If someone is interested in any town plot(s) or home(s), please pm* that owner only!

    [You do not have to add the template's words]

    Town Name (add /warp if applicable):

    Owner name:

    Are you selling plot(s), premade home(s), or apartment(s)?:



    Style of Town (i.e. Open plot, Architectural style, or Era theme):

    Pictures (if applicable):
    *Note, You may private message the owner via forums by starting a conversation or message them in-game, /pm <player's name>! Do not contact the town owners here. If you have any questions, please forum pm @_Royal_Vulpes_.

    ***Disclaimer*** Any false, immature advertisement, or attempt to post anything irrelevant (meaning that is not a town advertisement) that is posted here will be taken as an act of Trolling/Harassment/Slander.
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    The Valley of Wheat, "The Valley of Wheat, a simple Life."; visit today at /warp WheatValley.

    Current town mayor: @SirChilledMrHobo

    What's available for sale currently:
    Current Prices of Plot:
    10x10 Plots - $1,000 ($10 per Square Block)
    20x20 Plots - $4,000 ($10 per Square Block)
    Need a bigger plot? - I have more land up to maybe 60x60 in the WheatVillage next to the valley of wheat.

    Current Prebuilt Homes for sale:
    004 Acacia Forest LN. - $2,000. Simple 1 level house, with a tower, great detail.
    006 Acacia Forest LN. - $1,000. Small, 2 level house.
    002 Main ST. - $1,000. Simple 3 level house close to warp.
    003 Main ST. - $1,000. Simple 3 level house close to warp.
    003 Desert ST. - $2,000. Simple 2 level house on 10x10 plot, great design.
    009 Desert ST. - $3,000. Great 3 level house on 10x10 plot, great design, an aquarium with fish.
    005 Desert ST. - $4,000. Great 5 level house on 10x10 plot, great modern design.
    012 Desert ST. - $2,000. Simple 3 level house on 10x10 plot.
    018 Desert ST. - $30,000. Huge, 4 level house, big open windows, refurbished, great house.

    Current Apartments:

    We have plenty of apartment levels and pre-furnished apartment rooms, all starting at $1,000 each.

    Style/Theme of our town: The valley of wheat is a simple, wheat field, and desert village theme. I have built plenty of prebuilt homes, open plots, statues, ponds, trees, sewage lines, and more for you to enjoy and explorer.