sios griefing me

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    i mad a town i sent u this andy in a pm but i re do it sios has been making a supertown 400x400 as you know .my soon to be town had sighns arround the border sios threatned me he said or else i dident know what that ment untill i was posting my world edit cut app i went to the corner of my land i saw sios built all over my land including a trap for me pixel art around the border and locked chest on my land i am tired of fighting with sios andy will u do something ?
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    The problem here is that Sios, as a president, has claimed the land and has ownership of the land of his supertown`. That ownership overrides a Residents word of mouth claim. Moving on, I went and checked and saw that all of the buildings and traps are in the wild. So building pixel art, or traps in the "wild" has no rules against it. Even if it is close to your soon to be town. Unfortunately, this is just a case of Sios being....Sios, but in a way that doesn't break any rules.

    Also~ You said he had griefed you, could you show me any structures specifically that he griefed of yours?
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