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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by MsMoofin, Jul 28, 2011.

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    A place for YouTube videos. Some communities (not necessarily Minecraft, but still) have video sections that are usually meant for YouTube videos, so people can have discussions about certain videos. There are tons and tons of Minecraft videos (that our users didn't make) that I'm sure some people would like to talk about... Such as Yogscast, large structures, fun mods, etc.

    I know there is off-topic, but a majority of those threads are YouTube videos at one point in time, or just turn into threads that you post similar videos in. -shrugs- A forum or subforum for more non-user specific videos may be used and get people talking more, but I'd need feedback/support for that. Just a small suggestion, it sure isn't required. xD

    Might as well add that some people make art, too (such as myself, Koji draws some, I hear Safie is an artist...) or make graphics (banners, logos, so on, and photo-manipulations; which... only half fit in this category), and write things, like stories, bios, poems, and so on. All of that could be a "multi-media," "arts," etc. section - which is again, less user-/server-specific.

    This suggestion mostly rests on the community an their thoughts and opinions, though. :b Unless it just sounds like a good idea in general. -shrugs-
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    i like this idea