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    Sep 6, 2017
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    Welcome to Seville!

    Seville is a beatiful flower biome town that has been under construction for over a month now. At the moment only the Seville store is open but houses and apartment have been designed and much land has been cleared.

    Warp available /warp Seville

    If you have questions or feedback /mail Redpandapenguin

    Upcoming projects:

    A community farm
    Many houses
    Lots for sale
    Commercial properties

    Rules of Seville:

    I you breaking or placing something outside of your plot that is griefing and your first griefing offense will result in the charge of the block and a 2,000 dollar fine and for your second offense 4,000 and your third 100,000 or you can chose to be evicted. (If you pay the 100,000 fine the offenses after that will increase by 10 times)

    - All server rules are in effect in Seville

    - Residents must build a house within 3 days of moving in. Failure to do so will result in eviction with no money sent back to you.

    - If you are inactive for more than 14 days, your plot may be cleared and resold at any time.

    - Please don't build your house entirely out of one block and your house has to have windows.

    - Pre-Built homes. Contact me Before you change a pre-built home.

    - No spamming the local chat.
    - No stealing from other town residents, regardless of whether their belongings are in locked chests.
    - Do not build anywhere outside the plot outlines. They are not part of your plot, so don't build where they are, and do not remove them. They are how I keep track of land ownership.​

    - Maximum building height is 20 and blocks under. No mining under the town. Calculate your height limit from the ground level of your plot.

    - Only exp and money storage signs are alowed in non-commercial plots.

    - Keep your belongings inside of your home locked with LWC the town is not responsible otherwise.