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    Hello! I started making reedville->200x200 town with 130x130 reed farm!

    Dirt -> I need about 50K -> 5 000$ at server shop
    Stone brick -> I need about 100K+, I won't make plots in town, there will be only Grand hotel (read more below) -> 20 000$+ at server shop
    Wool (black and red mainly, other colors too) -> I don't know how much I will need, I will need it for 50x75 dragon, that means at least 30K -> 30 000$ at server shop
    Wooden planks -> 20K+ need them for hotel -> 4 000$ at server shop (if they are in server shop)
    Other items -> many of items, too much to name them -> 75 000+ in server shop
    Lottery -> 1 ticket eavry lottery, 3 lottery per day, or less -> 3 000$ per day
    Mayor -> 60 000
    Together -> 200 000$ that will be inoff (I hope)

    What will be in town:
    130x130 reed farm
    50x75 dragon
    65x200 hotel (Grand hotel)

    Prices in Grand hotel :
    lobby: only shops, 20x20=7.500$ WITH NO access to farm, 20x20=20.000$ WITH access to farm
    1st floor: only 10x10, WITH access to farm 7.500$
    2nd floor: only 10x10 WITH NO access to farm 1.000$
    3rd floor: only 15x15 WITH access to farm 12.500$
    4th floor: only 15x15 WITH NO access to farm 1.500$
    5th floor: only 20x20 WITH access to farm 15.000$
    6th floor: only 20x20 WITH NO access to farm 2.000$
    7th floor: only 30x30 WITH acess to farm 20.000$
    8th floor: only 30x30 WITH NO acess to farm 3.000$
    9th floor: whole floor WITH access to farm 55.000$
    10th floor: whole floor WITH NO access to farm 10.000$
    11th floor: 10x10 for renting ONLY!!!
    TOP -> garden -> not for sale
    btw I will live in dragon.

    You can rent farm and room in hotel for:
    15 min -> 250$
    30 min -> 500$
    1 hour -> 1000$
    2 hours -> 2000$

    How to support me:
    1. Donate any amout of $ or building materials I need.
    2. Pre order you room! YOU WILL GET IT 100%!!!
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