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    Alright so I have never played skyblock before so my island is quite basic. I'm looking for a good tutorial to watch or read or someone to show me what route to take when I start.
    My island has a basic farm going, I have a jump booster, basic tree farm, a basic cobble gen, chicken farm and a nether portal.
    If you guys have tips or tricks or tutorials you use let me know, if willing to offer help that is also appreciated.
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    I don't know what kind of minecraft player you are and what you like doing the most in this game. But for me, i like building all fully automatic or semi-automatic farms i can in the most efficient way and making them look good with just a little building skills (i am not a good builder but i sometimes accidentally make decent creations) and i also plan everything on a paper before i start building.
    And i will be giving you suggestions the way i like playing the game.

    I think you should check my thread about all of the viable and should-build farms in this server's Skyblock:
    So you can have an idea on what your future projects are most likely going to be and make preparations for them earlier on. And i also suggest you to make bridges from your bedrock to all sides until the island limit (+x -x +z -z). So you can plan things even more easily.
    WARNING: Definitely place a water source under your "/is" location. So when/if you somehow fall off, you can easily do /is and survive without taking any damage at all.

    For cobblestone/stone, i highly recommend you to build an "EcoCityCraft-Skyblock" friendly smooth stone generator (stone is mined more quickly than cobblestone) (stone generators have 0 loss while cobblestone generators have 20-40% loss) (with "ECC-SB" friendly, i mean: a generator that doesnt have over 500 redstone signal per second. The gen i will suggest doesnt have that problem if you dont have +400 ping)
    Stone gen: ThirtyVirus' Stone gen

    Only build the bottom part of the machine and you will be fine (watch until 6:15). When you unload and load the chunks, you will need to restart the machine by "activating-deactivating" or "breaking-replacing" one of the redstone pieces on top of the pistons and observers.

    It's always a good idea to make a level of stone bricks at y=0. It takes around 16 double chests of stone but it's always worth it. (I have two levels; one at y=0 and the other at bedrock level, around y=112~. And i build all of my stuff on the y=112 level. Some people use y=0 to build at. You decide which level you will be building stuff.)

    A tip for building overworld gold farms: Never use an obsidian generator to obtain your obsidian to build the farm. Always use lava buckets and a water bucket and make your obsidian on your gold farm. Use a different block for portals' corners.

    Build farms (fully or semi automatic ones are recommended) that grant you crops (pumpkin is always the best) which could be used to trade with villagers for emeralds, which you can use to buy Nametags from Librarians. Buy hundreds of Nametags and/or gather some from fishing so you can have your villagers unstacked (nametagged entites do not stack and you can seperate one entity from stacked entity by using a nametag) and be able to build iron farms or fully auto potato/carrot farms.
    NOTE: Do not name all villagers the same. I've heard they still stack if you give them same name.

    While building fully automatic farms: i highly suggest you to use hopper-clocks instead of observer blocks. It will be way more efficient on redstone and lossless on drops.

    For making money: you could either build a mob farm using flushing systems or build a big chicken farm where chickens are seperated to different collection points so your hoppers aren't stuck with thousands of eggs above them or both.
    I had built a mobtrap earlier, it used to work well at first but it became 0.1x times as fast ever since i covered it with a wall so i've lost my hopes on making money from it. And i decided to make a big egg farn that has 4800 chickens (16 5x5 pools with 300 chicken on the inside of each). It takes around 8 hours for all chests&hoppers -8 double chests and 8 hoppers under each pool- to fill up with eggs (because hoppers work 10 times slower in this server compared to vanilla) (i have calculated everything before i decided to put 300 chickens in each pool. So hoppers always have stuff to transfer and i dont have excessive amounts of eggs on top of hoppers which cause lag). I break all hoppers and chests and it takes me 16 minutes to sell all of the eggs, makes ~3030$ each full harvest. Not much to make me rich but it's enough for me.

    That's all i have in my mind that i can tell you right now. I hope it was useful!
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    @Awesomah Built this stone generator today and was hoping you could help me with two things.

    1- is there any way to combat having to break/replace the redstone whenever the machine stops like with a button or something?
    2- I had some of my redstone broken today by a mod with a sign- which a GA told me means it was going to fast. How can I fix that?
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    @samiwarbler The redstone is replace with a sign automatically if the redstone signals are over 500 ticks to reduce server lag. The only way to resolve this is to put a long delay on every redstone pulse but that then defeats the purpose of the super fast stone generator. Either the stone generator slows down, or you just have to keep replacing the redstone everytime it breaks :/