PVP/Wild Grief REASONABLE Suggestion

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by MsMoofin, Sep 28, 2011.

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    There are tons of complaints right now about grief in the wild due to PVP. We have already lost some more well-known (even if newer users) due to this, and I'm sure many more will leave. It's painful to see ALL of your stuff gone the next day simply because you had to sleep.

    I know PVP is in a one week trial period, but if it PVP stays, I'd like this suggestion to be considered.

    My suggestion is that if a Builder has 10K+ in their balance, they should have a chance to get grief checked or possibly fixed if very severe. Having 10K+ can prove they are seriously playing (assuming it was insant from donating), and are surviving and standing the PVP. It could depend on their social/community status as well. If they are talking in chat often, people like them, or they help others a lot, it could count towards a chance at having their stuff fixed.

    Residents could have the same thing, except with 20-30K+ in their balance, showing they are going for Mayor and staying loyal, dealing with all the PVP and grief.

    This could help cut down on complaints a lot. People wouldn't grief others CONSTANTLY just for hate, spite, etc., though there can still be plenty of grief, PVP, etc. PVP would probably be more open-minded this way, though most grief still wouldn't be dealt with most of the time.

    I really hate seeing players leaving now due to PVP and no grief checking, especially to those who were dedicated and trying to deal with it all. Less complaints would mean less for staff to deal with as well, and the community could become less sour in the future. Knowing you have a chance to get your things fixed (again, if severely griefed, or even a town in the works), could get players to be more loyal and dedicated to the server, instead of leaving because they have absolutely no chance of saving their things. No one wants to play for hours, working hard, only to have their stuff destroyed in 10 minutes, all of the time.
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    If this builder had 10k and was a serious player, I'd think he'd be smart enough to love in a town whether it be from kindowgs 350 7x7s or whatever else there is at the time