Plots for sale in Aurora

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    Hello everybody.

    Right now I am pre-selling plots in my protected town and the countryside around it.

    Why am I doing pre-buy for an already established town?
    I'm trying to raise money to protect the rest of the area around it. If I don't raise enough, I'll be forced to donate money to save everything I've worked on.

    Why should you buy into this idea?
    Because, you will be able to buy a plot before anyone else on the server, and have it reserved for you. Also, I will allow people that are in the pre-buy program to start building in the nation once I get everything transferred over to the new server. You will also get access to the nation before anybody else on the server. Since I will not be opening up the nation to the public (those that are not part of the nation until later. So you will have the opportunity to be part of the community.

    If you have any questions, see the town sub-forum:

    If you have any further questions, PM me here on the ECC Forums, or contact me in game.

    Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this.