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    This is Pleppieleppie as your probably know.
    In this topic you can make an application for a gate for your city!
    I have made a couple of them and people think they looks nice like: kukelekuuk00,arb_67 and some more.

    heres 1 example of my latest gate. =D

    GateCreate Application:
    What's the name of your town where you want a gate?:

    Is it protected yet? :

    If yes on the 2nd question ADD ME TO THE REGION.

    How much are you ready to pay and what materials would you like me to use? Like wood and planks and fences or plain stone gate with water and torches. (YOU CHOOSE) :

    Are you ready to pay for the materials that is more expensive than the base materials? Such as Diamond Blocks gold blocks, iron blocks and so on. ( You choose if you want it.: