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    I was in the process of building my store and some of the stuff in my inventory just disappeared! I was building my store (Station 24) and I went to put my iron ignots in and they were all gone..... I had them on me 5 mins prior. I had stacks of iron ignots and stacks of redstone. I would like to retrieve these items. Please help.

    ***NOTE**** A mod replied in my forum and then talked to me on the game and said he could see that I was no grieved and they were on me and that I needed to talk to you. He could not answer why they suddenly vanished. This is the first time this has happened to me since I started playing MC on any server, so Im not sure what is going on... :?

    Instructions: N/A

    How many times did you recreate this bug?: TN/A

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    Evidence: No way to show evidence imo...