1. Update from May 29th, 2023:

    Hello everyone.

    ClarinetPhoenix has decided she will be taking over as owner of EcoCityCraft until the end of June. During this time, we are still open to offers and acquisition requests. However, should one not be presented to our likings, the server will go on indefinitely under ClarinetPhoenix's leadership.

    My role on the other hand will change to developer, and I will only be available a short set amount of time twice per week, for internal up keep / consultations for ClarinetPhoenix and her team.

    I have also begun making plans with ClarinetPhoenix for the survival of EcoCityCraft should anything happen to myself and my health in the future. (Meaning if I get eaten by a dinosaur, Clare will have everything required - servers, files, databases, development, etc to keep the place going. If the dinosaur eats us both though, sorry...)

    More information to come from a soon to be made official announcement by ClarinetPhoenix.

    Once again it's been a pleasure! Although you will rarely ever see me around anymore in both Game & Discord, I will still be doing my best to help ClarinetPhoenix smoothly transition into her new role.

    - andrewkm

    PS: For those of you who know me quite well, you know this has been a long time coming, and I've been looking to distance myself and leave Minecraft for well into a year now. And even now, during these hard times, I just can't see myself closing what you've grown to love, hence the efforts to get new faces leading us.
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Mayor/town application

Discussion in 'Historically Archived Applications (Resident+)' started by disarmm, Jun 11, 2013.

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  1. disarmm

    disarmm Builder
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    Jun 2, 2013
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    • IGN: Disarmm
    • Are you a Resident: yes
    • Do you have the applicable cost in your balance: yes
    • How did you make the funds for this application. (Lying will result in a ban): farming, mining, help from phatpenguindev and purchased 90k from this site.
    • What will be the name of your new town?: Disarmmington
    • What is the size of your town (Between 100x100 - 200x200): 200x200
    • Are your town posts set and what are the [x] [y] [z] co-ordinates of all posts:
      • Post A: x: +660 y: 63 z: +830
      • Post B: x: +860 y: 63 z: +830
      • Post C: x: +860 y: 63 z: +1030
      • Post D: x: +660 y: 63 z: +1030
    • Have you checked our Zoning Laws and are we waiting for a neighboring mayor response?: yes, and i am not waiting for a response
    • Additional information about your town: N/A
    • The ServerAdmins handle applications once every 1-7 days. (Meaning once a week) Asking constantly about your application does not speed up the process. We very well can see there are outstanding applications and handle them every few days. As well after payment has been taken your changes are not instant, please wait patiently as they are applied. All users must be aware they will be fined for an improper application. Take extra care when applying for various server features. Do you understand this?: yes
  2. WeWinAgain

    WeWinAgain Builder
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    Jul 13, 2011
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