By andrewkm on Apr 29, 2017 at 1:02 AM
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    Main plugin re-write is complete.
    Please help us find any issues with our economy related to /sell, /worth, as well as trade signs.
    Issues means anything that can be exploitable for profit.

    All exploits please report to andrewkm / jamiesinn via the forum PM system.
    All other issues please use the help/support forum.

    Main changes & fixes include:
    - Trade sign issues fixed related to buying with full inventory.
    - /worth is now fixed and no longer eats items.
    - /sell hand no longer eats items from different stacks causing a loss.
    - Powertool spamming is no longer possible. It defaults to once per 0.5 seconds to prevent certain internal problems.
    - Many other internal changes to the entire plugin.

    Don't forget to give a huge thanks to @JamieSinn for getting this done for us!


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