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    Note: I'm making this when I'm Mayor.

    Note #2: I'm very liberal with my estimates, let me know if something is different than it is so I may adjust.

    By January 1, 2018, I will have liked to achieve the following
    • President (185k)
    • 2 towns (Essos [exists], 200x200 multi-crop farm town TanenFarms [does not exist]) (25k max for town 1 layer dirt 200x200, 50k for town warp, ?? amount of ECD to actually build farm)
    • Fly, ExtCommands+ (935,000 ECD, $110 USD)
    • Max Silk Touch pick and a Max Fortune pick (40k 25k, 20k 12k and 13k)
    • $100k in bank after the above goals are met.
    Min total spent: $375,000 ECD
    Max total spent: $550,000 ECD (assuming the farm itself will cost ~150k)

    Actual total spent: $285,000+ ECD (so far)

    I'll be adding more as I go! I am starting this journey with 55k in my bal and a loan out for 160k payback, so we'll see where it goes.

    Do you think it's feasable? Should I add something? Strive for more? Are you willing to help me?
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