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    Jun 23, 2014
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    Welcome to July!
    This month we will take on a different flavor of events. No signups, you simply need to show up at the scheduled time to play.

    I am proud to present the ECC's Tri-Wizard Tournament!
    If you have ever read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire or seen the movie, then you have an idea of what comes next.

    For those of you who don't know, the Tri-Wizard Tournament from the Harry Potter series was an event of three magical tasks in which the "Champions" as they were called completed to the best of their ability for competitive points! The three witches or wizards were the chosen representatives of the three most prominent schools of magic in Europe.
    However, instead of choosing just three teams or three users to play I have decided to simply to present the tasks for all to participate.

    Throughout the month there will be a series of tasks to be played for either cash and item prizes for the Main Servers! Pay attention to upcoming threads for the dates and times for more information!

    The Dragon
    When: July 11th, at 2pm EST
    In the arena your courage and wits will be tested. Will you survive?
    For the first task you will be dropped into an arena and you will have to avoid a dragon, other scary creatures and compete with others to grab as much loot as possible. All you will be armed with is your wand and your wits. Can you collect enough prizes to make it worth your while?

    The Black Lake
    When: July 18th, at 2pm EST
    Deep in the depths of the Black Lake is something you will dearly miss. Within a time limit, armed with your wand and a limited supply of a water-breathing charm you will attempt to collect many of the items you would hate to miss out on. Do your research on those watery creatures, for sure there will be a few looking to stop you from stealing their treasures!

    The Maze
    When: July 25th, at 2pm EST
    This isn't your typical maze, you will will be to make your way past several magical obstacles looking for prizes of all shapes or sizes. You'll want to sharpen your riddle skills for this one and perhaps brush up on your battle skills. Who knows what you might encounter in the maze!

    That is what we have for you this month, hope to see you there!