Introduction and "Pimp My Town" Sign-Ups

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    Hello, Ecocitycraft, my name's Patrick (call me Pat), and mattdar gave me his account. I'm making this post to introduce myself and can happily announce I made some awesome friends so far. I also got really, really scared tonight (not going into any further explanations xD). Also, I heard something really, really sad tonight. When I was mining, I heard someone say that many of the towns on this server are deserted. Now, I think that this should be changed. With the assistance of these town's mayors and some people on this server, I intend to change these deserted towns into the most incredible towns that you have ever seen! :D I'm already having fun playing Minecraft, and really think that everyone should. Please if you really want to make a smile on some unsuspected mayor's faces, please leave towns that are deserted to fix. Also, can you please post the mayors of these towns so that I can contact them. Also, if you are an excellent builder who really wants to help with now payment at all, please sign up. Here is the sign-up sheet!:
    1. How long have you been on this server?:
    2. Do you enjoy helping people with no money given?:
    3. Can you post some pictures of your previous creations?:
    4. Do you already own a town?:
    If you do own a town, please take the time to show me it so I know what kind of builder you are. Remember, sadly, not everyone will be chosen for this project. Also, you really should be a great builder to be part of the "Dream Team".
    Thanks for signing up everyone!
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    Sound pretty cool.