House break-in

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    Today, when i logged on, i found that my house was broken in, my door was protected, so he broke the glass and a block of wood instead,
    However, i did not lock my chests ( At least, I forgot to )
    And he stole my 2 diamonds and i think 2 pork chop. some of my other windows were broken as well.
    They also took all the reeds from my reed farm that yields 12.00 per harvest ( Not that its on topic )
    The coordinates of my griefed house is :
    (x)-2336 (z)-138

    Proof of report:
    Reed farm destruction:

    Proof of break-in (Or at least what it looked like before the grief, i just broke the wood again):

    And i cant really prove the theft of my items.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.