Hiring Dirt Placers (Read for me info)

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    I am building a 200x200x30 farm and cannot place the 1 million or so dirt that needs to be placed.
    I am paying 10-15k per floor. Each floor needs 34672 dirt placed. It must be placed like this:
    The gaps every 8 blocks are for water and a GAP MUST BE LEFT.

    Dirt must be bought by you, this is the reason for such high payment. Dirt will cost you in the region of 3k if bought from players in large quantities. The job must be done within 2 weeks per floor.

    You have two options:
    • Place the dirt yourself - this will take longer and you will be paid closer to the 10k mark.
    • Hire others to place the dirt for you - this is only open to Mayors+ and I will add you as co-mayor, this way will likely be quicker and result in more pay.
    I need commitment. Contracts will be made and you will be tied into it. Failure to complete the drop as the contract says will most likely result in a ban and no payment.

    Apply below using the following format:
    Do you agree to all terms listed above:
    Will you be placing the dirt yourself or hiring:
    Would you be willing to sign a contract based on the terms above:
    Please ask any questions below :)
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