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    sorry about killing alot of people ike i tried to talk to on the server and ask did you want me to do anything to make up and u didn't reply im sorry,,,,but this happened yesterday when i was looking for plots in Athens with my buddy evil and we found a plot and so i wanted it and ike never responded to me so i waited and these people were there i forgot there names but if i saw them i could remember but one of them hit me once so evil attacked and killed a person then they all started jumping on me and evil so then we left after we fought and argued then the next day we went back and he told me i couldn't be in athens but all i wanted to do is buy a plot so i got mad when he said no and i did kill him once and another guy but afterwards i left town so im terribly sorry ike ill make up for it if Andrew ever lets me back in and sorry Andrew and the whole server please accept me back in to the community.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.