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    1. Find location you have been griefed.
    I have been griefed in Athens
    2. Post report in this section.
    : two diamond blocks were stolen/griefed in the Athens police center. I just want it to be replaces thank you.
    3. Post co-ordinates (X, Y, AND Z) of grief/F3 Screenshot.
    :X=628 Y=69 Z=1844 and i have a screen shot if u need it.
    4. Explain what it is that was griefed so an admin can investigate faster and easier.
    it was two diamond blacks griefed/stolen from my office in the Athens police is right above my office door with 2 doors.
    5. A SuperMod/Admin/Owner will look into it when he can
    :Thank you for your time Killrar :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.