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    1. What is your IGN: BBQ_watermelon
    2a. Are you a town/nation - mayor/president or are you a member of a town/nation?: Yes I am the President
    2b.. What is the name of the town/nation (If applicable): Mycelia
    3. Is this grief located in the wild? If so is it to a town with an outstanding Mayor application already made?: This is not in the wild.
    4. What are the co-ordinates of this grief that is to be investigated? [x] [y] [z]:
    Around the area of x: -8812 y: 94 z: -8921
    5. Additional information/screenshots (If any): My gold blocks are missing in the corners of my house, there is a tunnel going under my house into my house, chests have been looted and taken.

    Suspected Thief/Griefer:

    6. Once user is found would you like him to be completely rolled back? If so keep in mind everything he has ever built will be rolled back meaning if he has helped with town projects they may have holes in them. Please answer yes/no here: Yes, I would like that.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.