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    1. What is your IGN: Vaaldraem
    2a. Are you a town/nation - mayor/president or are you a member of a town/nation?: Member
    2b.. What is the name of the town/nation (If applicable): Ionis
    3. Is this grief located in the wild? If so is your structure an extremely developed old structure previous to these new rules?: -----
    4. What are the co-ordinates of this grief that is to be investigated? [x] [y] [z]:

    x -2376
    y 66
    z 1261

    5. Additional information/screenshots (If any):

    I have had some of my Iron Blocks replaced by smooth stone at my house/storage center in Ionis. I knew something would happen to it eventually, but they werent too sneaky about how they did it.

    The stone you will be standing on and the stone around it USED to be iron blocks. Make sure whoever did this pays quite the price. :) I was about to tear down all the valueable blocks and replace them, and saw that somebody else partially beat me to it, and kept said valueables to themselves.
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    it was graycheese24 he is banned and he must make an appeal.
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