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    New Vanilla gaming mode is finally complete and ready to go!
    The ServerAdmin team and I will decide when exactly to release it for it's experimental beta period.


    The rules and concept is simple:

    - 100% pure Vanilla with one added twist, the /sell hand command is available to generate VMRD (Vanilla MineRun Dollars).

    - Every Sunday at 2:15PM EST there will be a full reset on all worlds. (main, nether, end).

    - Every few weeks we will change the theme and change what is available for sale. One week we may do mining, another week we may do only cactus, and yet another week we may do nothing but logs. This will keep things different and challenge players in new interesting ways.

    - The first weeks sell list will look as such:
    @Nicit6 chose this list below and it looks like we're going for a "mining theme" the first few weeks.
      goldenapple: 10.0
      saddle: 10.0
      ironnugget: 2.0
      goldnugget: 10.0
      quartz: 1.0
      magma: 0.5
        '0': 1.0
      redstone: 2.0
      obsidian: 2.0
      quartzblock: 4.0
      ironingot: 18.0
      goldingot: 90.0
      redstoneblock: 18.0
      diamond: 100.0
      lapisblock: 18.0
      ironblock: 162.0
      goldblock: 810.0
      greenrecord: 100.0
      goldrecord: 100.0
      diamondblock: 900.0
      emerald: 150.0
      emeraldblock: 1350.0
        '4': 2.0
      ironbarding: 10.0
      goldbarding: 25.0
      diamondbarding: 50.0

    - The top 10 users at the reset mark will receive the following points:
    *1st place: 10 points
    *2nd place: 9 points
    *3rd place: 8 points
    *4th place: 7 points
    *5th place: 6 points
    *6th place: 5 points
    *7th place: 4 points
    *8th place: 3 points
    *9th place: 2 points
    *10th place: 1 point
    Points will be available for public viewing via:
    Easy access to this leader board via:


    A brand new VMR forum medal will be available once you accumulate 100 points!


    - The top 5 users at the reset mark will receive the following EcoDollars added to their forum balance! (A new way to make EcoDollars to transfer into our main/other servers):
    *1st place: 125,000 EcoDollars
    *2nd place: 100,000 EcoDollars
    *3rd place: 75,000 EcoDollars
    *4th place: 50,000 EcoDollars
    *5th place: 25,000 EcoDollars

    - PVP is enabled, spawn points can be set with beds (as in Vanilla), etc. Basically, VMR is 100% pure Vanilla. :) The only commands you will have access to are /sell hand & /bal (to earn and check VMRD).

    - We are adding is the ability to use /baltop and /bal <user> for Patrons! This will allow you to spy on the competition and see how you stack up against them on the current week.

    And, that's about it I believe. See you all during the coming release!

    PS: The reason I'm a week late is simple, I literally under estimated the amount of work it would take getting another server perfected for the network. I thought "ehhhh, Vanilla, 2 days, I got this"... Yeah no. I'm super sorry for the ETA screw up and for being a week late. Took way longer than we thought and turned out to be serious heavy work.
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