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    Hello + Welcome to Dixonns Building co.

    Basically i am not new to the server and have been playing on and off for the best of about 3 years now.
    ive started a carpentry apprenticeship and love building houses. this has also fuelled a new desire to want to build in Minecraft too.

    What am i proposing?
    Basically im fairly new to this but still believe i have the ability to create good work for a good price . I would love to be able to build something eg. House , Mansion, Statues of creatures or animals (large,small) Gardens , Vaults and other builds.
    Dont be shy to ask or enquire about a build, if i dont think im able to do it or just simply dont have the time i will let you know straight up and will try to finish all tasks as quickly as i can depending on how large the build is.

    Why choose Dixonns Building co. ?
    Why not ?
    i will strive to work for you to be able to build designs that maybe you cant build or just dont have the time to build. with that being said im also new and have a lot of ideas so whats the worst that could go wrong? i love to build and love building things precisely and correctly .

    Guaranteed payments :
    I will give the customer a certain time to agree on a fee as to which will need to be payed in full during or just after the build is finished, or the build will be knocked down!
    Before any job is started i will ask for a deposit to ensure you are willing to pay for all the starting materials.
    this could be somewhere from $5000 -$50,000 and maybe even more. until i receive the starting payment i will not start the job its as simple as that. Or if you would like to pay in full that is also very welcomed

    Customer Satisfaction:
    I will work as hard as i can with the customer to ensure they are happy and are satisfied i have done what was agreed on. if the customer is unhappy with what i have built they have two options 1) fund further changes until happy. 2) decide they are not happy and no longer want to pay for the rest of the build . but will have to pay 1/3 of the total agreed fee. the build will also be knocked down.
    If i have given you a due date as to which i will have it done and have gone over this due date i will reduce the total fee .

    How to contact me ?
    Flick me a message in game if im online , mail me in game, inbox me via the forums , comment on this thread!

    Extra details:
    You will also need to be okay with me uploading photos of the build to this thread to act as a portfolio to enhance the possibility of gaining new customers :)

    Previous Builds:

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