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    Decorative heads are now available on EcoCityCraft!
    Use the /hdb command to view them and purchase them!


    The price to purchase heads is 5 netherstars.
    All users have access to this feature and get two available categories! (Animals & Monsters). These two categories include over 2,000 decorative heads right off the bat! :)

    A HeadMaster feature is also available via
    Information regarding this feature can be found here:

    The reasoning behind the high price (just above investigator) is due to the fact this brings heavy business opportunities for people that acquire it. You get access to a total 21,000 and counting heads, as well as totally bypass the 5 netherstar cost! Meaning, yes, all heads are free for HeadMasters. And yes, this means HeadMasters can sell them and offer them for a price of their choice, and in fact, we do encourage this. :)

    PS: New heads will continuously become available and will get automatically added to our database during maintenance periods. (Which happens every 1-3 days).


    Enjoy and happy decorating!
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