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Discussion in 'Complaints Archive' started by Pleppieleppie, Oct 8, 2011.

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  1. Pleppieleppie

    What is your IGN: Pleppieleppie

    What is the IGN of the user you are filing a complaint against: Antonio1997m

    Is this a personal complaint or a rule broken: Both of them, but I couldn't find the rule on the wiki, so I'm not sure if it is a rule

    -If a rule was broken which rule. Please refer to the wikipedia for the section: Scamming,

    Any evidence you may provide for this: Antonio1997m said he was selling 2000Glowstone blocks for 2000$. I told him I wanted to buy them and a couple of other players, I think Zeno saw it too. The logs will have it anyways, and when I paid him the 2000 ecodollars he logged of.

    Additional information: He scammed me and logged off right after
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    Did he ever log back in maybe?
    It's happened to me before where I'm doing a trade and I crash after getting paid, and the person thought I was scamming them. This was not the case, however. You always need to remember, not everyone can play Minecraft problem-free.
    If however he didn't log back in within a few minutes, then that could be different, (Unless his Minecraft couldn't connect for whatever reason.) Try asking him about it next time he logs in, before making a complaint.
    It will be much easier to decide what to do after we have that information on his response.
  3. Pleppieleppie

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