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    So I was messing with cactus farms for skyblock and after a lot of testing with different farm designs, I thought I would share my findings with everyone and see what people thought.

    For the test I did a 30 minute test with 1 cactus that can grow. All other cactus had glass panes above them to prevent growth. The test also had randomTickSpeed set to 3000. I made a video of this but it was rather long and would take around an hour to upload (my internet is horrible, I know).

    The purpose of this test is to show how many cactus you actually lose from cactus hitting other cactus while falling down.

    Design 1 - This is probably the most common design. I set the cactus at the very top of the tower that could grow.

    Design 2 - Same design as Design 1, but shows what would happen if you put a layer for catching the cactus every 2 cactus layers.

    Design 3 - Same design and Design 1 and 2, but shows what would happen if you put a layer for catching the cactus, between each layer of cactus.

    Design 4 - This design puts a fence post around each individual cactus to help prevent them from bouncing into another cactus. This design would also require a layer for catching cactus between each layers. Probably the most time consuming and costly design.

    Design 1 - 539 Cactus
    Design 2 - 668 Cactus
    Design 3 - 885 Cactus
    Design 4 - 922 Cactus

    So the question is... Do you think Design 4 is worth the time and materials to get nearly double the amount of cactus?
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    Depends on your need for cactus honestly- You're going to be afk farming anyways, so it's not like it's costing you any time. And, if you really needed that 400 extra cactus you'll get from design 4, you could easily reach it just by afking longer. I wouldn't waste the time to build and cost of materials for Design 4 in my opinion. Thanks for the experiment though :)
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