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    Minecraft Username:tommied7

    Reason of Ban
    : Vulgar language directed at other users.

    Rule violated
    Section 4 - Chat, Channels and Discussions
    Clause 1 - General Chat Rules
    All chat is to go into the appropriate channel at all times. Any user who is consistently not using the correct channel, especially in a way that may disturb those attempting to use certain channels, may be removed from the channel and/or punished. For information about channels and chat commands, please visit our Server Commands page.

    Clause 1.1 - CAPS and Spam

    • Bypassing our CAPS filter and/or typing in all caps is not allowed.
    • Spam is not allowed. Repetitive words, letters, symbols that aren’t used in their correct context, or many messages sent quickly are considered spam.
    Clause 1.2 - Advertising
    • Advertising is strictly prohibited in our chat system for any kind of external product, Minecraft server, or anything else non-EcoCityCraft related.
      • External products may be mentioned, so long as they are not being advertised. Other Minecraft servers may not be mentioned under any circumstance.
    • Any advertisement that is allowed on the server in any form (including, but not limited to, in-game related items/trades, store advertisements, or personal livestreams that are completely and only EcoCityCraft related) must go into our Trade Channel, and must always abide by our trade channel rules for length and repetition.
    Clause 1.3 - Shouts and Lottery
    For Shouts:
    • No advertisement, touchy subject/discussions, special characters, languages other than English.
    • Only numbers, letters, basic symbols found on a standard keyboard may be used.
    • Shouts with the intent of causing other users to spam or spam another user in any way, such as requesting others to private message them, are not allowed.
    • Shouts disguised to look like server messages, private messages, balance payments, etc. are not allowed.
    • All types of chat formatting are available for shouts. CAPS, in-game advertisements, colors, and font styles (Italics, bold, underline, strikes) are completely allowed.
    For both Shouts and Lottery:
    • Spamming either shouts or lottery is allowed to an extent. Excessive use of either command which results in chat being hard to read may result in a warning or a kick from the Staff.
    Clause 2 - Vulgarity
    • Inappropriate and vulgar language is not allowed. This includes anything put on signs, said in chat, written in books, renamed to on items (see Section 3 Clause 2.1), spelt out in blocks, or any other way of communicating.
      • Occasional mild to moderate vulgarities that are not directed at anyone (such as "slip-ups" or saying them in the incorrect chat by accident), self-censorship of a swear word or abbreviations that may imply a swear word (ie. WTF?) are allowed unless it is directed at another user.
    • Repeated or excessive swearing, and especially vulgar language directed at anyone, is not tolerated under any circumstance.
    • Racist language or prejudicial language of any sort falls under the vulgarity rule, and is considered a very serious offence, punishment of which may not warrant a warning before being given.
    Clause 3 - Inappropriate/Touchy Subjects and Discussions
    • EcoCityCraft is a server community consisting of many age groups, religious groups, and political backgrounds. As such, there are many touchy subjects that we do not allow in our public channels in order to keep the peace and prevent arguments and flame wars from occurring.
    • All chat must be kept appropriate and clean at all times. There is to be no discussion of anything deemed inappropriate for a workplace, including, but not limited to, sexuality, excessive violence, alcohol/drugs and inappropriate or dark humor.
    • This rule extends into subjects about illegal substances or actions, including drugs.
    • Politics, religion, banned users, and suicide are common “touchy subjects”, however they are not the only ones. Should a staff member ask you to change a subject they feel is touchy and/or is causing the direction of chat to deviate towards an argument or flame war, you must drop the subject immediately.
    Clause 4 - Trade Channel
    • All permitted in-game advertising must be in this channel.
    • Messages in this channel must:
      • Be no longer than 2 unique messages at a time.
      • Must be no more often than once per 3 minutes.
        • During off-peak and other periods where normal chat may be slow, it is solely at the online staff’s discretion how often your messages can be repeated.
    • All spam rules and general chat rules are in effect for this channel.
    • You may not hold auctions in this channel. Please use the auction channel and follow its applicable rules for holding auctions.
      • You are able to announce an auction in this channel, and afterwards take it to the auction channel to proceed with your auction.
    • All items sold in trade must be EcoCityCraft related.
    Clause 5 - Auction Channel
    • Only auctions and questions pertaining directly to an auction are permitted in this channel.
    • By starting an auction, you are committed to sell that item.
      • You may not cancel an auction after you have heard the first bid.
      • Make sure that you start the auction at a reasonable price, as even if you are unhappy with the final bid, you must sell the item.
    • You are allowed to ignore bids from certain players at your discretion, however, you must do so inclusively. Once you have heard a bid from a player, you may not ignore that player’s bids for any reason for the duration of that auction.
    • False bidding is not allowed. If you are caught bidding something that you cannot pay, you will face punishment.
      • Please make sure you have the money in your balance and/or items in your inventory at the time of bidding.
    • Auctions must use the same currency for all bids.
      • You are allowed to use netherstars or any other form of currency you choose, so long as it is EcoCityCraft related, as long as the auction remains in that currency for the duration of it.
      • If not specified, it is to be assumed that all auctions are to be bid on with EcoDollars.
    • Bids can only be accepted in the auction channel, and auctioneers may not accept bids from other channels or via Private Message.
    • Do not extend your auction because you are not happy with the results. Long auctions should be taken to the forums.
    • There is to be no “mystery auctions” - all items in auction must be specified exactly as they are, and must follow the rules for renamed items and any other trading rule regarding how to be specific about what your item is.
      • On the same token, it is the responsibility of all bidders to be 100% sure of what they are bidding on before they bid on it. If you are not sure, ask the auctioneer to specify what exactly is being auctioned, or any other questions you may have pertaining to what is up for bid.
    Clause 6 - Private Chat and Town Chat Channels
    • There is to be no abuse of other users via Private Messages or Town Chat Channels. All chat must be kept appropriate within the General Chat Rules.
    • A Town Chat Channel without a password is considered to be a global channel, and all global rules apply.
    • If you have a Town Chat Channel with a password, it is solely your discretion as to who may enter your channel. However, be wary who you give the password to, as an unfavorable person may give it away to other users.
      • Passworded chat channels may allow vulgar language within reason and with the exception of racism or prejudicial language. Regardless, if a complaint is filed, it may be handled as any other complaint with vulgar language so please keep this in mind when speaking in a private channel.
    • With the permission of the channel owner, you may speak other languages in a Town Chat Channel, provided it remains appropriate.
    Clause 7 - Languages
    • EcoCityCraft is an English speaking server.
    • You are required to speak English in all global chat channels, and whilst in the vicinity of spawn.
      • This includes areas that are anywhere within 400 blocks of spawn, as that is the range of local chat.
    • If you wish to play with a friend and speak other languages, that is fine in private chat channels, or in local chat that is not spawn. However, it must stay out of global chats.
    Clause 8 - "Mini-Modding"
    • ECC is a community where users should be helpful to one another.
    • Informing others of the rules is allowed and encouraged.
    • Telling or threatening others with the consequences of breaking the rules is considered mini-modding.
    • Please be wary about how you inform others of breaking the rules. Being demeaning, condescending or rude could come off as mild mini-modding as opposed to being helpful.
    • If the consequences need to be spelled out, please leave that to the staff online. As we deal with things on a case-by-case basis, it's impossible to know exactly what a staff member would actually do to a member breaking the rules, even if you can give a good guess.
    Clause 9 - Getting Help
    If you need ANY sort of help, not pertaining to minecraft, quit the game and contact:

    Your issues will not be dealt with on this server.

    Please explain in your own words what the rule(s) means: This rule means that chat must be kept appropriate, especially as this is a family friendly server so the language used here needs to be suitable to people of all ages.

    Reason you feel you think you should be unbanned: Sorry. This was out of order. Mans was getting harassed by another user and I got annoyed by that other user pming me and and acting like we were friends(I have no freinds so i found it insulting when he said i wos his frend.). This user did start by slandering my in global by stating that I was not trustworthy then he pm-ed me. It was my fault for using this kind of language agains another user and I will never do it again. srry ecc. xoxox luv tomid7

    Evidenc of bein slanderd: http://gyazo.com/db283eb5981a892745f00213e195e408
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    Your last appeal when I said you could appeal again in 24hrs was denied at 12:11 am today. So you've still got a little under 4hrs till you can appeal again.

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