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Discussion in 'Ban Appeal Archive' started by producerNL, Aug 24, 2014.

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    Minecraft Username: ProducerNL

    Reason of Ban: Usage of a hacked client.

    Rule violated:

    Section 6 - Hacking, Exploits and Unfair Play
    Clause 1 - Hacking and Hacked Clients
    • Fly, speed, air build, teleport hacking, or any other types of hacks, are not tolerated. This includes x-ray hacking and x-ray texture packs. Using any unfair means (including glitches, bugs, and exploits) to get into server buildings is also not allowed and is unfair to other users.
    • Using any clients, specifically hacked clients, which may allow you to gain unfair advantages as deemed by ECC staff is strictly prohibited.
    • Users caught using any client deemed to be a "hacked client", as defined by and at the discretion of the staff, will be banned. There is no excuse for using a hacked client on EcoCityCraft whatsoever.
    • Discussion of hacked clients is not allowed - we do not allow them, and therefore we do not discuss them.

    Please explain in your own words what the rule(s) means:

    This means i'm not allowed to use a hacked client, and that it's unfair to other players. Also it affects the economy.

    Reason you feel you think you should be unbanned:

    Well, i was using this hacked client because i wanted to make some money back from the loan i gave out and i never got it back even i paid 15 usd for it ( see thread here: http://www.ecocitycraft.com/forum/threads/user-complaint-salvaotero98.106380/ ). I was kinda desperate to lose it otherwise i wouldn't use the client. I understand it's unfair to other users and i will not use a hacked client again. My apologize.
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    As this is an x-ray appeal, you must send your appeal to @Revanrose6 and/or @Stolio.

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