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    I sit at my desk amazed. Five years have gone by since I first logged into the server. And boy o' boy, what a roller coaster it has been. From the excitement of getting resident, to owning a town, to being permabanned, and being brought back, I surely have experienced the ups and downs on the server. I have met some incredible people, grown up a lot, and have watched the server change its landscape. While I don't play all that much anymore, I still lurk the forums and always remember the impact this special place has had on me. I want to thank everyone, especially the people that I have formed relationships with, for making this an extraordinary experience that I wouldn't trade for the world. In particular, I want to thank Andrew. Thank you for creating a place for me to grow as a person, learn right from wrong, and be able to meet incredible people.

    Once again, thank you to everyone that has made this experience unlike any other, and I hope to be around for many more to come.
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    Thanks for sticking around!