1,000 level gain limit. (Cobble, Ice, Vine).

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by andrewkm, May 13, 2018.

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    We are limiting Cobble, Ice & Vines to 1,000 levels.
    Meaning once you get 1,000 levels with each block, the rest will be useless.

    ICE has also gone back up to 5 points.

    Previously I was fine with keeping block value limits away from ECC, however with the current lag fest that has been occurring by those using water/other to completely SPAM their islands, we have been FORCED to cap these blocks.



    The above lag spike was caused by ONE island going insane with water. Literally nearly took the entire server down and crashed it.

    Once ECC takes a hit performance wise, things DO change. We tried ICE, I was fine with it, until I witnessed the above and now understand why many SkyBlock servers ban it completely.

    I understand some of you want to level fast, but when you start crashing the entire server and it takes a toll on everyone's ability to play, things will change and that is not okay.

    We are not nerfing things that are too OP on skyblock, we are nerfing things that make ECC unplayable.
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