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    Hey everyone,

    Here are the top voters of June 2016. Please start a pm with me on the forums for your donation store coupon codes. You will receive them by the end of the day.
    1. @MeMeFort - 120 votes ($50 Donation store coupon)
    2. @CR7Joyce - 116 votes ($40 Donation store coupon)
    3. @F1R3PR1NC3 - 116 votes ($30 Donation store coupon)
    4. @Sazuko007 - 114 votes ($20 Donation store coupon)
    5. @Trouble1122 - 114 votes ($10 Donation store coupon)

    Congratulations to this months top voters!

    We will be running a 25% off sale for the 4th of July Holiday weekend, this sale will end on the 8th.


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Sway, Jul 2, 2016.

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    1. Sazuko007
      I'm happy to be in top voter but i wanted fly on skygrid :S
    2. CaptainStarkie
      Congrats to all winners :)
    3. Dutchflame_
    4. xhawkeye
      Congratz to the winners, but you said in the last topvoter that if you would vote first you would end higher than the people with the same amount on votes. And F1R3PR1NC3 reached the 116 votes before CR7Joyce did, and making it on alphabetic order would be ridiculous.
    5. Dutchflame_
      Alphabetic order is indeed a bit unfair. I am still hoping that players with the same amount of votes will get the same price sometime.
    6. CaptainStarkie
      I think its who logged first to the vote thing. Maybe Joyce vote earlier before F1R3
    7. xhawkeye
      Joyce wasn't F1R3 had 116 already and I was at the time in a skype-call with Joyce and she didn't vote yet.
    8. Sway
      At the time of the vote reset/recording which mind you is on point at 12am EST july 4th on the dot that is what was recorded.
    9. Sway
      It actually has nothing to do with alphabetical order, It's not a thing. Votes are recorded by who voted last, if you both have the same amount of votes as i have gone over in a previous thread, the last person to vote is going to be above the player.
    10. xhawkeye
      When F1R3 had 116 already I in a skype call with Joyce and she said she didnt vote yet, and as she voted she passed F1R3 on the list.
    11. Sway
      That just confirms what i was saying. She got up to 116 and voted last, it has nothing to do with the first letter of Joyce's IGN. Re-read what i said in my last reply and it will all make sense.
    12. xhawkeye
      oh yeh I see it, but how is that fair in any kind?
    13. Sway
      That's just how the logging of votes works, It's done automagically so...
    14. BurninPh30nix
    15. Poro
    16. Konkel
      Dang it, I missed a day or two so I didn't get anything even though i helped the server practically as much as the first person. That's it, I will never vote here again.
    17. 42basketball
    18. 42basketball
      Hey @zSwayz can you please pm me I need to talk to you about something that has happened. I would pm you but I haven't really learned the system on the forums yet so PLEASE pm me I need to ask you something.
    19. Dutchflame_
      You can start a private conversations by going to your profile and click on conversations. Follow the instructions from there
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