With the help of our BuyCraft enterprise account & their team of developers, we have imported every single rank for every single AEM user straight from the AEM internal BuyCraft database.

This means, if you used BuyCraft to get absolutely any AEM SkyBlock rank, it has now been transferred to ECC. You don't need to log in, you don't need to message us, there are no special instructions, it is now imported into our database and live on the server.

If you, or anyone you know is missing a rank (from AEM) let them know we've finally sorted everything out.

PS: Sorry it took us a while, migrating such massive amounts of data from different servers and completely different systems is not something we do often. :p(First time actually as we've always just been ECC.)
Skyblock Released!


The official release of AEM's Skyblock game mode is live. Join now using the /server skyblock command via the EcoCityCraft server (mc.ecocitycraft.com)! Fully reset!

New! Skyblock Leaderboards!

All AEM players have had their previous ranks transferred back into their accounts. To claim your rank simply log in to Skyblock by joining mc.ecocitycraft.com & using the /server skyblock command. You must log in within 90 days to claim your rank.

All AEM players have had their ranks imported into our shop and can now upgrade them accordingly throughout our current MAJOR SALE.

Skyblock ranks are located here!

Information news thread by @JamieSinn can be found here: https://www.ecocitycraft.com/forum/...ycraft-details-and-information-thread.175098/
Feel free to ask questions here: https://www.ecocitycraft.com/forum/threads/skyblock-questions-thread.175047/

Please report all bugs via: https://www.ecocitycraft.com/forum/forums/help-support-errors-bugs.7/
Skyblock forum section can be found here: https://www.ecocitycraft.com/forum/forums/skyblock.211/
Welcome to the new look!

We have overhauled the entire forum.

Everything is now up to date & all website bugs have been fixed.
If you find anything broken please report it via the ECC Help/Support section and it will be addressed as soon as possible. :)
Hey everyone,

I'm going to hopefully address some questions and concerns everyone has in this news post to clear up any confusion on what is going on with AEM (a server previously owned by Sway) and why we have taken over it, as well as what our plans are with it's future.

Many of you have missed the podcast JamieSinn and I hosted yesterday via ECC Discord so hopefully this thread will get you up to speed.

Long story short, ECC now ownes AEM (www.aemservers.net).

To give everyone a little background information, Sway and myself have been IRL friends for many, many years. The server he owned used to peak around 1,500~ and now has only been peaking around 15-20 players (It's unreal how such massive networks / games can die out over time without new stuff through Minecrafts decline). Our community has had something similar happen, just not with nearly as many players, peaking at about 300~ in its prime and now peaking at 40-50 players.

Unfortunately due to IRL circumstances and other factors, Sway has decided to step down and shut AEM Network down. He reached out to me to discuss his situation and after much discussion I decided to take over the network as it would absolutely suck to see his years of dedication simply vanish. It's the least I can do for a good friend. Before I go any further I'd like everyone on AEM to please understand that running a community isn't easy & simple. It can really become a major drag on your life, far more than you can ever imagine. To give a little information on my own Minecraft run, I myself have been in the community for 7 years+, have gone through sponsoring major projects including the creation of Spigot, participating in nearly every Minecon, running booths there for Spigot as well as hosting companies, funding dozens of developers and their startups,...
Hey everyone,

Here are the top voters of February 2017. Please start a pm with me on the forums for your donation store coupon codes. You will receive them by the end of the week.

1. @J3rkk - 113 Votes ($50 Donation store coupon)
2. @OreoTwinkies - 108 Votes ($40 Donation store coupon)
3. @CrystalCloud_11 - 107 Votes ($30 Donation store coupon)
4. @Kaslan - 107 Votes ($20 Donation store coupon)
5. @Slothtty - 104 Votes ($10 Donation store coupon)

Hey AEM'ers!

As you all may know, the winner of the Survival Spawn Build Competition is none other than Gehy! (@Danny Von Monroe) Congratulations! Danny's build took the finalist vote by storm and managed to amass quite a large gap between himself and the second place finalist, @PvpJamy. As promised before, Danny has been awarded a donation coupon worth $60!

Once again, thank you all for participating in this build competition! In the future, we'll be sure to host additional competitions so you can have your chance at taking it all...

Danny's winning submission will be used as the next Survival Server spawn. Be sure to look out for the reset; an estimated time of release will be announced some time later on.

AEM Staff Team
Hey everyone,

Here are the top voters of January 2017. Please start a pm with me on the forums for your donation store coupon codes. You will receive them by the end of the week.

1. @J3rkk - 135 Votes ($50 Donation store coupon)
2. @menddm123 - 126 Votes ($40 Donation store coupon)
3. @OreoTwinkies - 119 Votes ($30 Donation store coupon)
4. @CrystalCloud_11 - 117 Votes ($20 Donation store coupon)
5. @Goldrake71 - 102 Votes ($10 Donation store coupon)

In other news, the non-OP Skyblock server is now out. You can connect by using /server skyblock in any of the servers on our network. OP-Skyblock has also been moved to /server opskyblock.
In light of this release, we have decided to run a 30% off sale on our server store. Be sure to take advantage while it lasts. The sale ends March 2nd.
EDIT: Poll has ended, stay tuned for a further announcement with more information!

Hey AEM'ers. Thank you all for participating in the first ever AEM Build-Off, with the theme being the next Survival Spawn. In case you didn't know, the Survival Server will be reset and updated to 1.11.2 in the near future.

Until then, we have looked at all of your builds and have limited down the competition to 3 finalists! The Staff have done their part; now it is your turn. Below, you will find [Spoilers] that you can click for each of the finalists that contain screenshots of each submission. We encourage you to also log onto the Creative server and check out the builds within Minecraft to really get the whole experience (/warp buildcomp). We have also written brief summaries of each of the submissions. Take a look!

@CR7Joyce decided to take advantage of single-player and sent us a world download for their submission. Joyce's spawn features a circular build surrounded by custom landscaping. Around the spawn, a river separates the surrounding cliffs and the spawn itself to create an elegant view from the bridges that lead out. The spawn features a centerpiece connected to several chains that hold the building together.

@Danny Von Monroe (Gehy) took an...
* * * EDIT: Zombies has been updated to 1.11.2! /server zombies * * *
* * * All players who built their build for the build comp in Singleplayer, please reply to this thread with a download link to your schematic. * * *

Hi there AEM'ers, it's time again! On this AEM Update, the build competition is over, non-OP Skyblock is coming closer, a new zombies map is almost here, and the network is being updated!

Non-OP Skyblock Rough Release Date
Firstly, it's almost here. The long-awaited non-OP Skyblock server will be coming to AEM some time next month, in February! For those uninformed, this new server will be on AEM alongside the already existing OP Skyblock. NO SERVER WILL BE REMOVED! All of your ranks will automatically be transferred to the new server. We hope you are as excited as we are! #GET_HYPE

The Build Comp is over... what now?
In the coming days, the staff team will slowly pick out the finalists of the build competition that you, the players, will vote on in a poll that @Sway will set up in the future. For those who built their submission in single player, we are asking that you upload your schematic by January 25th, 2017. Don't miss out on your chance at the finals! As stated before, the winner will be receiving a donation coupon ranging from $50-75!

Zombies Map Remodels and the Return of Nuketown!
We are slowing revamping our older maps on the Zombies server to be more pleasing to the eye and overall more enjoyable to play on. Additionally, the server will see the return of a classic map, Nuketown, which was taken off of the map pool 2 years ago. The map, once implemented, will feature the same mystery boxes seen on Dust II, which contain both [Legend] and [God] items. Stay tuned.

AEM is being Updated to 1.11.2
Over the next few...