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    * * * EDIT: Zombies has been updated to 1.11.2! /server zombies * * *
    * * * All players who built their build for the build comp in Singleplayer, please reply to this thread with a download link to your schematic. * * *

    Hi there AEM'ers, it's time again! On this AEM Update, the build competition is over, non-OP Skyblock is coming closer, a new zombies map is almost here, and the network is being updated!

    Non-OP Skyblock Rough Release Date
    Firstly, it's almost here. The long-awaited non-OP Skyblock server will be coming to AEM some time next month, in February! For those uninformed, this new server will be on AEM alongside the already existing OP Skyblock. NO SERVER WILL BE REMOVED! All of your ranks will automatically be transferred to the new server. We hope you are as excited as we are! #GET_HYPE

    The Build Comp is over... what now?
    In the coming days, the staff team will slowly pick out the finalists of the build competition that you, the players, will vote on in a poll that @Sway will set up in the future. For those who built their submission in single player, we are asking that you upload your schematic by January 25th, 2017. Don't miss out on your chance at the finals! As stated before, the winner will be receiving a donation coupon ranging from $50-75!

    Zombies Map Remodels and the Return of Nuketown!
    We are slowing revamping our older maps on the Zombies server to be more pleasing to the eye and overall more enjoyable to play on. Additionally, the server will see the return of a classic map, Nuketown, which was taken off of the map pool 2 years ago. The map, once implemented, will feature the same mystery boxes seen on Dust II, which contain both [Legend] and [God] items. Stay tuned.

    AEM is being Updated to 1.11.2
    Over the next few weeks, your favorite server will be ported to the most recent version of Minecraft, 1.11.2. This transition from 1.8.9 gives you a lot more to do, and many more farms that you can create. Already, the Creative server has been updated. In order to see and use the new blocks and items, you need to log on with a 1.11.2 client. At this time, Creative can still be accessed from versions down to 1.8, but you may notice that blocks from future version appear differently in your game.

    And that's it for now! Thank you for taking time to follow the most recent changes to AEM. If you have any suggestions for the server, be sure to leave them in our Suggestions and Feedback forum thread, which can be found by clicking here.

    Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow our Twitter for more updates in the future. Thank you for playing on AEM!

    Kind regards,
    AEM Staff Team
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