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    Below are the rules for AEM Skyblock! Be sure to read all of them before playing!

    1. Respect all players and staff.
    2. Advertising in ANY way is not allowed (this includes in /msg, signs, pixelart, etc.)
    3. Restarting islands to get extra materials for yourself is not allowed.
    4. Transferring items from one island to another IS allowed if you are moving to the island.
    5. Keep swearing to a minimum.
    6. Do not have more than 40 passive mobs per chunk (if you are at 40 in a chunk, new mobs will NOT spawn, and staff are not responsible for spawn eggs that are wasted this way).
    7. Do not let more than 200 hostile mobs build up per chunk (16x16x256 area).
    8. Teleporting people to your island and killing them is not allowed.
    9. Do not spam or speak in all caps.
    10. PvP or killing players is ONLY allowed inside of the pvp arenas (be sure to read the pvp rules listed at /warp pvp; you are still responsible if you break them).
    11. Hacked clients or any mods that give you an unfair advantage are not allowed.
    12. Do not exploit bugs or glitches.
    13. AFK machines are not allowed.
    14. Keep the main chat to English only (use messages to speak in other languages).
    15. Impersonating staff is not allowed.
    16. Staff reserve the right to take action to stop anything that they deem to be unfair and not listed in the rules.

    Please be sure to follow ALL of AEM's rules, and if you are unsure about one, it is best to ask staff before possibly breaking it. Be sure to report broken rules to staff instead of taking action into your own hands! If you find yourself banned, you can fill out a ban appeal at

    Remember that you can use /report (player) (reason) if you need staff assistance!

    Thanks, and we hope that you enjoy playing on AEM Skyblock!
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