Rank upgrades and kits

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    Feb 22, 2015
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    If you buy a donor rank, say the second lowest rank, then you should get the first kit and the kit for the rank you just bought. Basically you're paying for both simultaneously so you should get both. I say this because I donated for the Elite rank on the Zombie server and i got the Elite kit and the Supporter kit. However, i didn't get the VIP kit. I'm basically getting $25 out of the $30 that i paid. I don't want to pay money just for one kit that i only get to use twice a day if I'm on all day long. I want to be able to use all three kits because i paid for all three in one payment by buying the Elite rank. I understand that right now its a glitch that i have the Supporter kit, but I'd rather not make it a glitch and make it on purpose. I donated to the server because i think that this is a great, great server and I've not played on one like this yet. This idea could also bring in more donations for all of the servers. So I'm asking, do you want the other kits you didn't get but yet you paid for?