Kitpvp "RESET" [Not Actually a Reset]

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    Apr 28, 2014
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    As most of you know, you may have lost all your items and your vaults, echest, Etc... AlexM850 has informed everyone to make a thread on what you have lost and depending on how honest you are. This thread will contain information and the things i have lost in case you guys really want to know xD

    To claim your things back make an account on the new website and post a NEW thread on what you have lost. Please be honest. This is not a scamming matter. Staff will know whether you are telling the truth based on your rank I'm predicting.

    Here is a good estimate of the things i had:
    2 Vaults of Protection 4, Unbreaking 3 Diamond armor.
    2 stacks of GOD apples/ Gapples
    10-15 stacks of regular golden apples
    Around 5-7 God swords being Sharpness 5 Fire Aspect 2 Unbreaking 3
    Around 5-7 God bows being Power 5 Flame 1 Unbreaking 3 Punch 2
    About 2 Strength 8 mins and 2 speed 8 mins.
    A bunch of Random Prot 3 Armor that I wouldn't care if it was not returned :D
    I had more stuffs but cannot think of the random enchants/armor/weapons, I would have had.

    Thanks for reading,

    P.s. Don't Rush I got plenty of time :D