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    Hello people of AEMNetwork, It's here! The release of KitPVP and some other great news..


    That's right, KitPvP is back and better than ever! With three entirely new maps and a reworked stats system on its way, KitPvP is the hot place to be!
    Here are some previews of the three new arena's to be released with the AEM KitPVP server.





    We've also developed a new stats tracking system to replace what was once on AEM KitPVP (Credits: @Calcium for development)
    You can see a preview of that below.

    Top 3 Player stats will reset after every server restart and eventually will have a global monthly player stats which we are considering integrating into the website and or possibly a statistics page.

    You can now place a bounty on another player!

    We've been working on CoD Zombies after we finished up with KitPVP and have managed to get a working Zombies setup after much trial and error, we're also currently working on ironing out any bugs from the previous code base which has not been maintained since it's original release and minor bug fixes.

    We're hoping to, in the coming weeks re-release the Zombies server and will likely implement some new features on that server as well as rebuild some of the maps and or add new maps after it's initial release to make things heaps more fun for you all.

    We will also be running a 30% off sale for this month for this months kitpvp release. (Sale ends on the 30th)



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