hello im Dr_Emerald/Dr_Awesome but you can call me doc

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    May 2, 2015
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    this is an advertisement for another server JK JK. i only play aem. i think before aem mine crafters had nothing to do. anyway heres some info about me

    im a male from planet zorggreeeeee
    i normally play survival but sometimes sky block (rarely)
    i have v.i.p on sky block from when @GMC_Jed and me only played sky block.
    i have premium on survival. so i sell my old kits and sword and keep the new one because YOLO. i am still selling them even though their is those plugin errors ATM.
    i normally listen to music while. i play i use soundcloud to download my music.
    my favorite band is MAJOR LAZER. i use the nick Dr_Awesome on survival. so when you see my say HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII xD. i know a lot of you already know me but what ever