Hate doing this.

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    May 3, 2014
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    Who are you reporting?: Hydrostatic0210
    What server was this on?:Skyblock
    How long ago was this?:Today
    What did he/she do?: I dont care if someone wants my name when they do /nick Averey, but I do care when they start harassing me and other players. Also when they start saying inappropriate things in chat. Skylegend Hydro decided it was time to troll me, and it was disrespectful to me and the things he was saying in chat was completely out of order. But before I could stop him and take screen shots, the chat filled up with /glist showall so I could try to find an admin or mod online to help stop him. So I have logs. But if you check the times things were said in chat, you can see I wasnt at fault.

    I know you cant prove anything with logs, im not a new player. But if the higher staff were to go back to the times posted and see what he was saying to me in chat with younger kids watching it, then you have your proof. Ive been here for almost a year, and as a player who tried to become a staff member, I know how to act in chat, this was just disgusting to me to watch as someone single handedly destroyed my rep on this server.
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