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    May 14, 2014
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    Hi 'friends'! It is I, the Ender Dragon. Soo..

    I am Ender Dragon, and I am happy with my enderman slaves.. *cough* I MEAN FRIENDS!!!!! YAAA!!*cough*
    My life: I experience players trying to kill me everyday, so I attack.. They invade like it is their world :C I do not have much time, I have to check the portal again and make sure no one goes through it. I was once tempted to go in the overworld and invade there, but an [Admin] killed me instantly. I am happy because I respawn when the world resets :D I am also happy though when players build because it gives me more things to destroy. I was once informed that someone changed the Gamerule of MobGriefing to false, so I could not break any more blocks :C I currently live in my world, known as the End, in a Sky biome. uh oh, someone is walking into the portal right now o.o I must go! Bye 'friends'