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    So I've noticed lately that zombies has been really laggy, and being the server with less blocks than most, it shouldn't be that laggy, and I know it's not just my connection because everyone else feels it and complains about it, so what I've come to the conclusion, that the lag causing grief to everyone is because of how far apart the zombie maps are from each other, I know many other servers other than AEM have a world limit due to it lagging when a player is far about because it lags the whole server, if the staff were to move all the maps closer to spawn, so they're all relatively close, lag would be decreased, I'm not completely sure if this is what is causing the lag, it also may be to due to many entities at once by eh. This would still be a good thing to do in my opinion.

    This suggestion can match up to one of my other suggestions:

    Thanks for reading.
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