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Discussion in 'Rejected Ban Appeals' started by jona, Dec 16, 2014.

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    Dec 11, 2014
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    Which server were you banned on? Factions

    Why were you banned from this server? Lying/disrespecting staff, I fully understand and respect this decision. And diffidently think that it was the best thing to do.

    Why do you think you deserve another chance on the server? Before I begin I would love if you would kindly take my opinion if it was my first. I understand what I did wrong when I created a bannapeal a year ago I was trying to put down the personnel that banned me and I was really not cooperating. Christy read that appeal she told me to take a break for 2 weeks from the server so I did and here I am now righting this.

    What would I do if I got unbanned? If I got unbanned I would play for hours on end. And i would be the happiest kindest person on the server and would go for the voter of the month to upgrade my donation from supporter to legendary. But in not sure what the future holds for the new me.

    I mean it’s been a year and that year without you guys has been hard. I’ve grown up a lot and realized a lot of things, like how I really took the server for granted and lost it so easily. I would never let that happen again.

    I miss all of my friends that I hope to see them again I will also make new ones. What I want most is to be accepted again and forgiven for the bad things I have done so we can all enjoy this game together.

    I will do anything I need to get unbanned I will help the server as much as I can and show the whole server how nice I am with drop parties and helping the poor get started and help new people.

    For me to at least get chance a week or a day… To prove myself would make me the most great full person in the world I’m so willing to change and do whatever I need to, to get unbanned. You have the power in your hands. Before you delete this because you don’t want to help me. Please I beg you tell what the problem is so we can work it for a professional decision although its not up to me.

    Really hoping to celebrate Christmas with you guys. I will Christmas up my base (if it’s still there) you know I’m really curious to see how the server has grown and how I can play a role in helping it grow. Well but we will probably never know.

    If you are wanting to see how many warnings I got please click the link below

    Anyways sorry for bothering you and merry Christmas to you all XD
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