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    Jun 5, 2014
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    Minecraft Username havingacow

    Which server were you banned on? Survival

    Why were you banned from this server? I was banned because I was saying things like:
    Blow me. Suck my dick. Suck my oversized penis. I was telling people to let them fuck me in their ass. I also was swearing at Staff and being very very inappropriate.

    I just wanted to get some pussy from other players. That's all. No one was letting me fuck them so I was getting mad and demanding sex. And then I was kicked and warned for speaking inappropriately.
    Pretty stupid if you ask me.

    Why do you think you deserve another chance on the server? I think I deserve staff on this server. I've been here for over one whole day. I know everything about Minecraft. I will DDoS you if you don't make me staff. I have paid a whole $5.00 USD and I know all members on the server.

    I will tell everyone your secrets if you don't make me staff. So yes I deserve to be unbanned and made into the Head Admin of all the servers on AEM.

    If I am denied staff I will get a lawyer and claim that you are all racist to Asians. I am going to make this into a lawsuit.

    I have been staff on over 200 other minecraft servers and know C++ and HTML and phpBB code. Make me your Co-Owner actually, or else I'm telling everyone. Right now. If I don't hear a reply in 24 hours I am going to DDoS you and file a lawsuit. I'm dead serious!

    Just my credentials:
    You're welcome for my presence. I am part of Planet Minecraft as a developer, make me OP. I also work for Mojang and Notch is my best friend, I will shut down your server and get you all omnibanned from Minecraft. My uncle also works for Microsoft so all your computers will be shut down from Microsoft headquarters. If you have an Apple Device, my grandpa was Steve Jobs and I can get all your Apple stuff shut down. I can hack into your computer and put viruses everywhere. I know all your IPs. If you make me Co-Owner all of this will be okay and I'll be the best Co-Owner ever. :)

    This is your only and final warning.

    Don't forget my name.