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    What part of EcoCityCraft is this suggestion for:
    Website & Forums
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    Clear up the rules
    What are you suggesting:
    The rules at the moment are long-winded and out of order, with whole sections of the rules missing and the rules not being explanatory enough.

    Changes I would suggest;
    1) Making Clause 1, 2 and 3 (which are not part of a section at present) part of Section 1 (which is nonexistent) and calling Section 1 ”General Gameplay”.

    2) Making Section 3 into Section 2, Section 4 into Section 3, Section 5 into Section 4 and Section 6 into Section 5 (as Section 2 does not currently exist).

    3) Changing Section 3, Clause 3 to Section 2, Clause 2 (as Clause 2 of the current Section 3 does not exist)

    4) Add ”Offensive structures or signs” to Section 1, Clause 1

    5) Remove ”You will be required to know your item ID # displayed on your tool and send it to a ServerAdmin for any investigation.” from Section 3, Clause 3 and replace it with ”Should you lose your tool, you must know your ID number if you want the Server Admins to be able to find it”.

    6) Remove ”An Official Owner may contact a GameAdmin+ after 5 days of selling or giving away a town to have the town returned to them.” and replace it with ”An Official Owner may contact a GameAdmin+ within 5 days of selling or giving away a town to have the town returned to them. However, this nullifies any contract between them and the buyer, and requires them to refund the buyer however much they paid for the town” and remove ”If you recieve another user’s town without a Town Claim or Town Transfer, be wary that the Official Owner may contact a GameAdmin+ after 5 days of you recieving the town to have the town returned to them.” from clause 4.
    Why is this a good addition for EcoCityCraft?:
    These changes would clear up the rules surrounding property, make the rules easier to read and remove a loophole that allows people to sell towns and claim them back, whilst keeping the profits.
    Other information:
    This would improve player retention by making the rules easier to read.
    Plugin or custom addition:
    Just requires Clar and the Wiki Team to change it on the wiki.
    One suggestion per form:
    I Understand.
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    This is 100% intended. Don't want your town to be taken from you? Ensure that you transfer it. Mandating any sort of refund/compensation defeats the point.

    The rest is just heading errors from previous edits, which I've already fixed.