Suspect number 1.

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    (This post is part of The Zodiac's Living Story. To follow the story from the beginning, click here:

    After my encounter with Keon, it remains clear who is suspect number 1 on my list.
    Cyrus Xander is the individual who has profited the most from @outerlocal 's disappearance, and now that I know that it was his technology that caused the communications failure, his guilt is becoming ever more sure to me.

    Three questions still remain.

    1) If Cyrus really is responsible, why are the authorities helping him to cover it up? Magnus and the Quorum delegates must know that the Cerberus reactor was not active at the time of the storm... yet they continue the pretence. Why?

    2) If he did do it... how? The storm was the perfect cover, but it also brings to question how Cyrus could have carried out the act. I know for a fact that all transportation was halted days before the delegate's disappearance, and even if Cyrus had somehow made it there, numerous alibies claim that he was aboard Colonial 1 the following day. How could he have made it back so quickly?

    3) What happened to @outerlocal ? The police report states that there were clear signs of a struggle in his office, with the east window found smashed... but no blood, no body. Many are treating it as if we already know he is dead... but we don't. We don't know what happened to him...

    Clearly if I am to answer these questions, I have to speak to Cyrus himself.
    Let's see what Canceron's favoured has to say for himself.

    - Private notes of Rachel Blake, Reporter for The Caprican Chronicle.
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