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    Here you will find any and all information regarding my towns and business.
    My towns are as follows: (in chronological order)
    Panda_City (/warp panda_city) TOWN RULES
    Bronx (/warp bronx) TOWN RULES
    [The] Valley (/warp valley) **Coming soon TOWN RULES
    I am also the mayor of Daxam (/warp daxam) alongside the owner, @supergayseal

    Founder: 1purplejade [Moderator]


    The Panda Nation business is dedicated to providing EcoCityCraft members with exemplary service in a quality environment, to provide them with unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional development, and to provide partners and clients with maximized asset value!
    Each of the business stems are outlines below in further detail.
    This includes:
    • Real Estate
    • Interior&Exterior Design
    • Order&Delivery Services
    If you wish to hire any of these services or would just like more information about what is available you may post below but PLEASE READ THE SERVICE SECTION OF YOUR CHOOSING FIRST Thanks you :)

    General Guidelines:

    • Trust - there cannot be business without trust, We will draw up contracts and make sure both parties are in agreement before proceeding, contracts can be in-game or on forum (case-by-case)
    • Unless otherwise determined, payment will be expected on time, late fees will be applied. If a payment is pending for too long past the determined date a complaint will be filed.
    • "No shirt? No shoes? No Service" I have the right to refuse service to someone of service for any reason

    Real Estate Services

    This stem is fairly straight forward and self-explanatory.
    In my leadership roles in my towns listed above I have a variety of homes and plots available both for business and personal.
    What is generally available is:

    Plots ranging from 10x10 to 30x30
    -Home Neighborhood
    -Business plots as well
    -As far as pricing for example: a 5x5 area would be $350 ecd, so that a 10x10 is $700

    Apartments and Penthouse suites
    -big and small
    -furnished and unfurnished
    -Pricing depends on the establishment and its specific qualities
    -starting at $2000+

    House Hunter Services
    - If my towns aren't to your like, for a small fee, I can help find a town that meets your criteria for a perfect home at discounted prices.
    -House Hunting Service cost ranges from $400-$800

    If you are interested in my towns or my services you can apply below in thread using format at bottom of post


    Interior&Exterior Design

    I fancy myself a creative Panda :)
    I tend to lean towards modern designs but am always up for a challenge and will 100% follow through
    I plan to make some mock up houses in my town Valley so look out for some examples of my work.
    **Pictures of desired outcomes can always help**
    Services included in this bundle include:

    -Anywhere from a small home to a large mansion, without decorating to much inside or out I will build you a fine establishment to call home, or work
    -Pricing depends on if you will give me supplies or I will bring my own, expense of material will have an affect
    -Also depends on size
    -I can promise you a home to meet your expectations, if it does not I will try again for free or refund 75%

    Exterior Design
    - I'm talking adding a porch, pool, landscape, fences, flowers etc
    -Anything you can think of
    -I can do as much or as little as you like
    -Pricing depends on what is being done, how big it is, where the supplies come from, etc

    Interior Design
    -This can be traditional or experimental
    -Can make typical rooms: kitchen, living room, dining, bedroom, bathroom, vault, etc
    -I will provide supplies with no extra charge
    -Tell me what you like and I can do it for you
    -Pricing depends on how big the space is and how much you want

    Please apply for this in the thread below using the format at the bottom of this post


    Order&Delivery Services

    Do you need a certain item in bulk? Do you want to buy an animal/spawn egg? Are you too lazy to deliver mass amounts of items in bulk? or shop for yourself?

    BULK ORDERS & General Item Orders:
    -Almost all items can be bulk ordered, If i do not have the proper amount of item in stock your order may be delayed a day or even cancelled
    -If you have already paid I will refund you IN FULL if something goes wrong

    ***Bulk/item orders can be requested in the thread below using this format:***
    Desired Item:
    Amount of said Item (stacks):
    Delivery Time (ASAP, End of day, end of week, etc):

    Animal/Spawn Eggs:
    I try to stick with spawn eggs because I do not trust myself enough to deliver an animal over long distances and honestly I do not have the time &/or patience
    That being said these are the prices I have set for each of the animals:
    • Chicken: 500$
    • Pig: 2k
    • Cow: 10k
    • Mooshroom: 20k
    • Sheep: 10k
    • Horse: 20k
    • Mule: 15k
    • Wolf: 12k
    • Ocelot: 12k
    • llama: 15k
    • Parrot: 18k
    • Squid: 40k
    • Polar Bear: 75k
    • Silverfish: 12k
    • Bat: 30k
    • Spider: 35k
    • Ghast: 45k
    • Slime: 45k
    • Villager: offer?
    • Wither Skeleton: offer?
    • Zombie Horse: 44k
    • Skeleton Horse: 44k
    • Witch: 40k
    • Vex: 40k
    • Guardian: 40k
    • Elder Guardian: offer?
    • Magma Cube: 45k
    • Enderman: 50k
    • Endermite: Offer?
    • Husk: 50k
    • Evoker: offer?
    • Vindicator: 50k
    More Options:
    MOJANG HEADS (8-10k)
    • Marc (x2)
    • Vubui
    Star items
    • Helmet - 300k
    • Leggins - 250k
    • Boots - 300k



    **EXCEPTION: Bulk/Item orders ^^ see above section

    IGN: yournamehere

    SERVICE TYPE: Delivery/Order, Design type, real estate
    DESCRIBE: (please use detail to describe what you are looking for exactly, if not sure say "Not determined yet" OR if you would just like more info state "Need More information")
    DESIRED DATE: (When would you like this done by, be reasonable, this may change later)
    ADDITIONAL INFO: (Anything you would like to add)

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    IGN: @mannysbigtown
    (filled out for client as they didn't have forum set up )
    SERVICE TYPE: Exterior & Interior Design / Build
    DESCRIBE: "Craftsman House" built with Red, gray, green (concrete or clay) + quartz. On a 15x15 plot

    DESIRED DATE: as soon as possible
    ADDITIONAL INFO: creative sway is allowed, design whatever looks good, no specific image in mind
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    I would love a llama egg, forum pm me.
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