Information on silk touching spawners [Updated]

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by PyroTechnix_, Jan 7, 2019.


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    Hello there. I have recently come across a couple of players who have been confused on what they need to have the ability to mine spawners and have them drop instead of getting destroyed. Although @pokeball92870 created a helpful thread about this already, it seems there is a slight bit of info missing. So here is everything you need to be able to pick up spawners when mined.

    Elite+ rank found here -
    Diamond pickaxe (obtained ingame)

    More info

    • Obtaining the spawner after you have mined it does NOT require silk touch enchantment.
    • In the NETHER you can NOT pick up a spawner even if you meet the requirements. IT WILL BE DESTROYED!
    • You are able to place, mine and pick up spawners on yours and somebody elses island so long as you have the coop status and the 2 necessary requirements listed above.

    Example 1: If <playername> did NOT have both a Diamond Pickaxe and the Elite+ rank, or they were in the nether, then the spawner they tried to obtain would be destroyed.

    Example 2: If <playername> did have a Diamond Pickaxe and the Elite+ rank and were not in the nether, then the spawner they broke will be dropped and can be picked up.

    Hope this helps :) (If I have missed any info please contact me via forums, thanks!)