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    In Game Name:
    Have you changed your Minecraft username since being banned? If so, what is your previous name:
    Which of ECC's services are you banned on:
    Main server.
    Reason of Ban:
    Encouraging Suicide - Telling another user to "just die"
    Rule Violated:
    Section 2 - Clause 3 - Harassment
    Harassment constitutes as any form of action (chat or game play wise) that makes another player feel threatened or otherwise ruins their game play.
    Griefing in the wild does not constitute harassment. Harassment in the wild is strictly chat/command based.
    This includes, but is not limited to; blackmail, bullying or any other form of harassment that occurs through our chat system.
    Attempting to kill other players in any non-PvP zone also constitutes as harassment, and succeeding in killing other players in non-PvP areas is a very severe offence that will result in a ban.
    Harassment is absolutely inexcusable on EcoCityCraft. If you are engaging in this behavior expect to be removed from the server with little to no warning.
    Disrespecting staff falls under this rule - They are players too.

    Section 4 - Clause 2 - Vulgarity
    Inappropriate and vulgar language is not allowed. This includes anything put on signs, said in chat, written in books, renamed to on items (see Section 3 Clause 2.1), spelt out in blocks (see Section 2, Clause 2.1), or any other way of communicating.
    Occasional mild to moderate vulgarities that are not directed at anyone (such as "slip-ups" or saying them in the incorrect chat by accident), self-censorship of a swear word or abbreviations that may imply a swear word (eg. WTF?) are allowed unless it is directed at another user.
    Repeated or excessive swearing, and especially vulgar language directed at anyone, is not tolerated under any circumstance.
    Racist language or prejudicial language of any sort falls under the vulgarity rule, and is considered a very serious offence which may result in a ban with no warnings given.
    Please explain in your own words what the rule(s) means:
    (I will explain how I broke this rule.)

    Section 2 - Clause 3 - Harrassment:
    I harrassed(/bullied) someone in the chat. Telling him to die for example. This way he must've felt threathened and it ruined his gameplay. I also used directed, harmful language towards this other user.

    Section 4 - Clause 2 - Vulgarity:
    I used directed language towards a user. Harmful directed language (which most of the time was an English translation of how we swear in my country) that I shouldn't have said.
    Reason you feel you think you should be un-banned:
    First I would like to apologise to not only Joseph but to my friends and the rest of EcoCityCraft. What I did was totally out of line. I want to come back because I want to make up for what I did. I never meant what I said. I was frustrated and angry because we had a misunderstanding and instead of dealing with it in a mature manner I said that. I have taken these couple of days thinking about what I did and I am disgusted with myself I had no right to say such a hurtful thing to him. I now know how that can really hurt someone and make them unhappy.
    I would like to make up for my actions by becoming more nice and helping out where ever i can with the server and it's players.
    I feel so awful when I finally understood the extent of what I said I am now willing to accept what I did and make up for it.
    This server means an awful lot to me. Friends I have made such as joining a team it has really made me happy and I would like to carry on my journey on EcoCityCraft.
    So I urge you to please unban me l may not deserve it but I feel I need to make things right on EcoCityCraft.

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    Hello @Adware thank you for filing this ban appeal. After reviwing it I decided I will be giving you a 1 day tempban. I'm happy you found a reason to get unbanned. You are a very experienced user on EcoCityCraft, more than me infact, and frankly it quite puprises me you broke the rules in such an obvius way. You know how not acceptable this is and that this isn't ok at all. Due to your hefty ban history I strongly advice you not to do anything like this ever again.

    Locked, 1 day tempban given.
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